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One thing you got wrong about the Cache Dates

We all are aware of the cache date in Google Searches. However, the belief that it is an indicator of crawl rate of various bots has been shattered by Google’s John Mueller.   A certain Mats Tolander asked on Twitter, “Has the rate at which the index refreshes slowed down over the past 5-6 weeks? […]

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Hummingbird is not for Spam

  Someone asked on Twitter if hummingbird is specifically to identify spams to which John Mueller replied in negation. When twitter user Ryosuke Shiga¬†asked, “It is a question. Did you update Hummingbird as a measure against spam?” John Mueller replied, “All our algorithms have to deal with spam, but Hummingbird isn’t specifically for spam.” Google […]

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AMP pages support HTML

  There has been a lot of hassle going on these days regarding the AMP pages. ¬†AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages are the most recent developments that are taking the world by a storm. There are a lot of speculations around AMP and mobile friendly sites. However, recently, Google announced that ‘forms’ are supported by […]

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